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Time schedule FAQs

Delivery and Shipping FAQs

Quality Assurance FAQs

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Time schedule FAQs

Q: If I order today how fast can I have my poster?
A: provides same-day-printing services. If you order before noon Pacific, your order will ship out the same day. View the Shipping Guide for details.

Q: Do I have to pay rush charges if I need my poster fast?
We will never charge you rush fees even if you have a last minute order, as long as we can fit it within our production schedule. Orders ahead of you are prioritized so if you have a last minute order we recommend that you call us ahead of time.

Q: Can you assure me that my poster will arrive on time?
We guarantee that we will ship out your order as agreed. We ship all our orders by FedEx because of their track record and their delivery guarantee. However, we always encourage you to have your poster delivered at least one day early. View the Price Guide for guarantee details.

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Delivery and Shipping FAQs

Q: What if the courier damages my poster?
In the unlikely event that your order arrives damaged you will need to call us immediately so we can help you or we may not be able to do it in time for your presentation. We will require a couple of pictures so we can file a claim with the courier. We do not issue refunds for damaged merchandise. We will either reprint and ship your order as fast as we can or we will issue a full credit towards your next order.

Q: How can I get free shipping?
We offer many ways to get free shipping or ways to reduce your shopping costs. View our Shipping Guide for details.

Q: Do you ship to Canada and overseas?
A: We do. Shipping to Canada is routine for us. We also ship to many other countries around the world. View the Shipping Guide for rates.

Q: Can you ship to my hotel? Is it safe?
A: Sometimes it makes more sense to ship your order to your destination than your home. Many of our clients prefer this option. It saves you from having to carry your poster on the plane and it can be there before you arrive. Most major hotels have business offices capable of receiving guest packages. We recommend that your poster arrives one or two days before you arrive. It's a good idea to call the hotel to ahead of time confirm.

Q: Can I pick up my poster from your location?
You are welcome to pick up your poster in person. Find directions on our Contact page.

Q: Can I use my own FedEx account number?
A: You can. When you order your poster enter your 9 digit FedEx account number and there will not be a shipping charge from us.

Q: Can I use my own UPS account?
A: Unfortunately we only ship by FedEx. If you have an order that has to go by UPS you would need to call us to make arrangements.

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Quality Assurance FAQs

Q: Can I see a proof before you print my poster?
A: If you submitted a PowerPoint document you will receive a digital assurance proof by email. You will need to review and approve your proof before we print your poster. If you wish not to receive a proof you would need to submit a PDF.

Q: How long does it take to receive a proof?
If you submit your order within normal business hours you will receive your proof within a few minutes. A: Otherwise it will be the next business morning.

Q: Do you check my poster for errors before you print it?
A: We do a basic overview of the poster to make sure columns are aligned and there are no obvious errors. However, we do not proofread the poster. Please proofread your poster before you submit it and when you receive the electronic proof.

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Prices and Payment FAQs

Q: How do your prices compare to other online services?
A: Our prices are comparable or better than the other online printing services. We strive for quality and service without sacrificing good prices, and we never charge rush fees.

Q: What other fees will be added to my total order?
A: There are no unexpected fees. Expect to pay for your poster and the shipping.

Q: Do I have to pay for my carrying tube?
A: Our posters ship in heavy duty cardboard shipping tubes at no additional charge.

Q: What types of payment methods do you accept?
A: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, purchase orders and corporate checks.

Q: How can I use a P.O. to pay for my order?
A: Yes but first you would need to go to our Purchase Order page and fill in the provided form.

Q: Do you offer quantity discounts?
A: We do. Call us to discuss your project.

Q: When do I pay for my order?
A: Unless you sent us a PDF document you will pay for your order after you approve your electronic proof. Your order will be charged only when the order has been completed and packaged.

Q: I just placed an order but the website did not ask me for payment. Why?
A: Because you have not approved your proof yet. You will be receiving a digital assurance proof by email. You will need to review and approve your proof before we print your poster.

Q: I don't see my size poster listed in Price Guide. Can you print it and how much will it cost?
A: We can print any size poster up to 48x96 inches. If you don't see your size in the price guide expect to pay the price of the poster that your poster fits in the best. For example, if your poster needs to be 40x56 inches you will be charged the price of a 42x60 poster.

Q: Do you offer student discounts?
A: We do but it really depends on the order. Call us to discuss you project.

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File format FAQs

Q: What type of files can you print from?
A: We can print your poster from PowerPoint, PDF, Jpeg, Word, Tiff and Publisher files. Proofs will be provided only from PowerPoint, Word and Publisher files. Make sure your PDF is the right size before you submit. Make sure your Word document is in the right proportion to the poster size you need. The resolution of Tiff and Jpeg files has to be 150 DPI at the final printed size. If you have questions please call.

Q: Do I have to use a PosterPresentations Template in order to use these printing services?
A: We can print your poster from any PowerPoint, and it does not need to be from one of our templates.  Make sure your Word document is in the right proportion to the poster size you need. The resolution of Tiff and Jpeg files has to be 150 DPI at the final printed size. If you have questions please call.

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Materials FAQs

Q: Can you print 48x96 posters?
A: Yes, we can print any size poster up to 48x96.

Q: What type of printing materials can you print on?
A: We print on high quality papers, fabric, and vinyl. We also mount prints on a variety of substrates like foamcore, and professional-grade Gator board and Sintra board. We also use professional-grade laminates including DeepCrystal and dry-erase.

Q: How is the quality of the fabric poster?
A: Our EasyTravel fabric is a 100% polyester fabric specifically formulated for high resolution printing. It is as sharp as any paper which makes it suitable for rendering of detailed images and very small text. Printing on the fabric is about 15-20% less color saturated than paper because of the way the fibers absorb the ink. It is crease resistant which makes it a perfect solution for traveling. View the demo.

Q: Can you mount my poster on foam core?
A: Yes. We can mount up to 4x8 feet. However, we recommend Sintra (expanded PVC) which is more durable and not easily damaged during shipping.

Q: Will my poster fade over time or smear?
A: No. We use pigmented inks that a guaranteed not to fade for many years. In addition, the surface of our papers do not smear. For prints that are going to be on public display for a long time we recommend that you order our glare-free laminate.

Q: We want to keep our poster around for display. Should we laminate it?
A: Yes. Our glare-free laminate (DeepCrystal) is a trade show quality laminate that not only cuts down most of the glare but also protects the poster from fingerprints, scratches and dirt. It can also be cleaned with warm water.

Q: What is the EasyScribe™ Dry-Erase laminate?
A: It is a glossy laminate that allows you to write directly on your poster and erase it with a cloth. Just like office planners and calendars. The advantage is that you can roll it and customize it as needed. Its is also much more economical.

Q: Can you print  poster size with dimensions not listed in your price guide?
A: Yes, We can print any size poster presentation up to 48x96 inches. Sizes not listed are priced based on the standard size they fit best. Custom sized posters are trimmed to the artwork with no extra white margins.

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Poster Creation FAQs

Q: I have never made a scientific poster before. Where do I start?
A: Go to our Free templates page and download the template you need. Every conference has different requirements so it is important that you download the right template. You must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed in your computer to use the templates.

Q: My Powerpoint skills are limited. Can I still use your templates?
A: Yes. The templates come with basic instructions and detailed instructions and tutorials can be found at the Help Desk.

Q: The conference provides me with a 4x8 space. Do I need to make my poster that size?
A: Not necessarily. It really depends on the amount of content you plan to present, View the Help Desk for more information.

Q: Do you provide tutorials?
A: All our video tutorials are free and can be found at the Help Desk. You will need access to Youtube to view them.

Q: I don’t have time to design my poster. Do you offer design services?
A: We do. Go to our Design page for more information.

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