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Posters4GroupsSimplify Your Group’s Poster-Ordering Process

Sign up for a free private page designed to help you coordinate your group’s poster orders and get discounted rates and customized special features not normally available for standard orders.

Whether you are organizing an in-house meeting or a large conference, joining our Posters4Groups program saves time and money for your lab, company or school. We provide you with an easy tool that dramatically simplifies the very tedious and complicated task of managing group members as they prepare for their research poster presentations.


  • Value:
    It’s free with no commitment required.
  • Hassle-free:
    We do all the work. We set up and maintain your custom page on
  • All information available in one place:
    Instructions, deadlines, templates and ordering are all available on a single page for your group to access.
  • Deadline control:
    Helps you set clear deadlines for order submissions with built-in cushion for safe delivery.
  • Stay in the loop:
    Receive real-time email updates on who is ordering (or not) so you can follow up with the members of your group or conference attendees.
  • Support:
    Email and phone support for your group throughout the process.
  • Custom-designed poster templates:
    Designed to your specifications. Ensure that your group members are using the correctly sized poster templates.
  • Free shipping:
    Free FedEx shipping to your department, company or conference.
  • Deadline guarantee:
    We never agree to deadlines we cannot meet. If we agree to a date, it will happen.
  • Easy payment accommodations:
    Purchase orders and corporate card payments are accepted for group orders. Other payment arrangements are also available to accommodate your institution’s accounting requirements.
  • Discounts:
    Depending on volume and size, get additional discounts not available for standard orders.

How it works:

Example page of Posters4GroupsWe will create a private custom page on the website containing all the information needed for your group members to place their orders. You will be able to give access to your group by simply providing them with the link to the page. At the bottom of the page is a short online ordering form so the group participants can easily order and upload their files for printing.

As shown in the example, your page will display your institution’s logo, the poster submission deadline, and information about production time including delivery and payment arrangements.

In order to reduce common design and size requirement errors, customized poster templates can also be available to group members for download. 

If payment arrangements between and your institution have been arranged, the group members will be informed that no payment is required by them. Any payment questions will be forwarded to your Accounts Payable department. If you prefer that the group members pay for their own orders individually, they will proceed to a payment page.

In order to always keep you aware of the activity on the page, when a group member places an order, you will be notified by an email that lists their name, email, phone number and other information about their order. 

As new events occur, deadlines change and more people are involved, all you will have to do is call us to modify your group page in a few minutes. 

Sign up and we will do the rest!

Join the many institutions already partnering with us and simplify your group management task.
If you have questions, please call us. 1.866.649.3004
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