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Discounted professional poster printing services offered exclusively to University of Nevada students and educators. 
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Professional Paper Posters

  • Photo-quality paper posters with a high quality satin finish. 


EasyTravel™ Foldable Fabric Posters

  • Crease-resistant foldable fabric posters for traveling to out-of-state conferences. 

GUIDELINES: Sizes, Turnaround, and File Formats 

We can print any size research poster. The smallest size we offer is 24x36, and the largest is 48x96 inches. For pricing purposes, select the closest standard size for your poster. If your poster is not a standard size, leave us a note specifying your desired poster size. We highly recommend that you check the requirements of the conference or symposium you are planning to attend.

We offer a quick and reliable SAME-DAY poster printing service to University of Nevada students and faculty. If your order is ready to print before noon Pacific time on a business day (Monday through Friday), we'll prioritize your order for printing and shipping on the same day. That means you can expect your posters to be in your hands as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality printing services with fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

To ensure the highest quality printing, we strongly recommend submitting print-quality PDF files. If you submit a print-ready PDF, we'll prioritize your order and place it at the front of our printing queue. However, if you request a proof of your file, this may cause delays in processing your order.

If you submit a PowerPoint document, we'll generate a PDF version of your file and send it to you for approval before proceeding with printing. Please note that we won't start processing your order until we receive your approval on the PDF.

NOTE: For best printing results, do not use "print to PDF". Instead, use "Save As PDF". 

PowerPoint research poster templates

You can freely download the scientific poster templates provided on this page. You can modify the color scheme and layout of any template, but modifying the page sizes of the poster templates is not permitted. If you are looking for GENERIC color standards, seals and logos, please visit the University of Nevada Brand Identity page to access a range of brand identity resources.

Research poster template - Version 1

PowerPoint poster template A

Landscape poster templates
36x48  36x56  36x60  36x72
42x60  42x72  42x90  44x44  30x40  48x48  48x72  48x96  Trifold
Portrait poster templates

Research poster template - Version 2

PowerPoint poster template B

Landscape poster templates
36x48  36x56  36x60  36x72
42x60  42x72  42x90 44x44  30x40  48x48  48x72 48x96 Trifold
Portrait poster templates

Research poster template - Version 3

PowerPoint poster template C

Landscape poster templates
36x48  36x56 Trifold
Portrait poster templates

Research poster template - Version 4

PowerPoint poster template D

Landscape poster templates
36x48  36x56  36x60  36x72
42x60  42x72  42x90  44x44 30x40  48x48  48x72  48x96 Trifold
Portrait poster templates

Additional poster templates and sizes can be found on our Free Poster Templates page.

Available to UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, LAS VEGAS poster presenters

48x36 Trifold poster boards

Capture Attention and Make an Impact with's Professional Trifold Display Boards!

Trifold poster boards
General research poster information
Creating an Effective Conference Poster:
Step-by-Step Guide

Generally, US conferences provide a poster 48 inches high by 96 inches wide. For your visual reference, the graphic shows what the most common poster sizes (in orange) look on a 48x96 backing board (in blue).

Use a poster template that meets the conference requirements.
Before you start working on your poster make sure that you are using a poster template that meets the requirements of your conference, and it matches the poster size you plan to order. Most common PowerPoint poster sizes are shown on this page. You can download the templates above.

Create a banner at the top of the poster
Add the poster title, author(s), and the name of your organization. Lettering for the title of your poster should be large enough to be legible from a few feet away. The names of the Authors and associated institutions does not have to be as large.

Prepare a written summary of your project.
Organize the poster sections as follows:
1.  Introduction/purpose of the study or project
2. Objectives
3. Methods used in the study or project
4. Results of the study or project
5. Conclusions/evaluation of the study or project.
6. References
7. Author contact and disclosures of all authors (required) on right bottom corner of poster.
8. If nothing to disclose, “Nothing to Disclose” must be displayed next to the author name in place of a disclosure”.

9. If you want to add an audio or video component to your poster,  you can use the digital poster handouts offered below where you can add a narration or a youtube video to your presentation. The service is free with all University of Nevada printed poster orders. You can view more information below.

Available to University of Nevada poster presenters


An innovation-driven replacement for old-fashioned paper flyers. Why distribute difficult-to-read text on handouts, when you can seamlessly share a state-of-the-art electronic version of your poster? Look for the provided link after check out.

Virtual handouts