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Discounted same-day poster printing and shipping for the ASHP Meeting attendees is pleased to offer discounted poster printing services to all ASHP members. Free shipping is included in the poster prices. Expedited shipping is also available.



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Poster creation guidelines

ASHP provides a poster board approximately 4 feet high by 8 feet wide

(45 inches X 91 inches) of usable space and a table in front of the board.

Free PowerPoint research poster templates that meet ASHP guidelines.


Use a poster template that meets the conference requirements. Before you start working on your poster make sure that you are using a poster template that meets ASHP requirements and it matches the poster size you plan to order. You can find ASHP approved PowerPoint poster templates on this page.

Create a banner at the top of the poster: With the poster title and author(s) and the health system name. Lettering for this sign should not be less than one inch (1”) high (30-36 points).


Prepare a written summary of your project. 

Organize the poster sections as follows:

  1. Introduction/purpose of the study or project
  2. Objectives
  3. Methods used in the study or project
  4. Results of the study or project
  5. Conclusions/evaluation of the study or project.
  6. References
  7. Author contact and disclosures of all authors (required) on right bottom corner of poster.
  8. If nothing to disclose, “Nothing to Disclose” must be displayed next to the author name in place of a disclosure”.


Viewers should be able to understand your poster without listening to an explanation or reading a report.

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