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Meeting: WHILS
2017 Women's Health Leadership and Innovation Showcase


Poster submission deadline: June 8th, 2017 (3pm)
Event date: June 14th, 2017


Submission format and poster size requirements:
Poster size is restricted to 42 inches tall by 72 inches wide. Posters are trimmed to the artwork without any borders. Templates for that size is provided on this page.

Please confirm the quality of your graphics prior to placing your order.


Print-quality PDF is our preferred format. If you are using PowerPoint 2010 (or newer) or a Mac version, go to the File menu and “Save as PDF”. If you cannot create a PDF you can submit your PowerPoint document.

Turnaround schedule and shipping:

Poster orders placed before noon (Pacific), will be ready and will ship out the same business day unless noted differently.

We will schedule your poster's delivery based on the date you specify on the online order form.


How to order your poster:
Please fill in all the information required on the online form. You can use the form to upload as many files as you wish.
Discounts are provided for poster sizes up to maximum size specified by the conference.


Contact information:
For questions related to this meeting please contact Ms. Christa Manning at 201.401.4166 or


For questions related to poster printing contact at:

510.649.3001 or email to

42x72 PowerPoint poster templates


 Choose from five 42x72 research poster templates

Click to download the 42x72 PowerPoint poster templates

The EasyTravel fabric provides a great way to travel with your poster without having to carry a tube on the plane. Printed on crease-resistant polyester fabric, especially formulated for high resolution printing, your poster can be packed in your suitcase with minimum creasing. It can also be lightly ironed if needed.

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The Professional is a well-priced, beautiful poster paper that will enhance your presentation. Offering very sharp printing, vivid color and easy handling, makes this paper the choice of professionals.

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