How to change the research poster template colors

How to customize the colors of your research poster in PowerPoint.

Our professionally designed research poster templates are a good starting point for any poster presentation. But poster presentations are very personal and everyone wants to add their own personal touch to the colors whether it's school colors, business colors or just a personal preference.

Our templates make it easy to customize your poster's colors.

If you are confident in your PowerPoint skills try the first method provided on this page. It will show you how to change the poster colors on the Slide Master which controls your poster's background features.

If you will feel intimidated by PowerPoint, you can still change the colors by using PowerPoint's build-in color palettes as shown on the video at the bottom of the page.

Method A: Change the poster colors on the Slide Master (Skill Level: Intermediate)




...or do it the easy way.

This video demonstrates how to change the colors of your poster presentation template. It shows how to change the overall color of the poster template by using PowerPoint's built-in color schemes.

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