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How to change the research poster template colors

Because poster presentations are very personal, you may want to add your personal touch and customize your poster template, whether it's school colors, business identity colors, or just your personal preference.

Our templates make it easy to customize your poster's colors. If you are not confident in your PowerPoint skills, try the first method provided on this page (Method A). It demonstrates how to use PowerPoint's built-in color themes to change the look of your posters with one click.

The second method (Method B) is for slightly more advanced users. It demonstrates how to customize the Slide Master of your poster presentation. At the Slide Master, you can not only create your color scheme but also customize the complete look of your poster's background.

Method A: How to change the poster colors with the built-in color themes

This video loop demonstrates how to change the colors of your poster presentation template. It shows how to change the overall color theme of the poster template by using PowerPoint's built-in color schemes.

On the top menu bar, click on the Design tab. Click on Variants and select Colors. Scroll through the color themes to find one that you like. In PowerPoint for Windows, the themes are dynamic. Once you select a theme, the color of your poster will change. In PowerPoint for Mac, you may have to release your mouse button to see the change.

Method B: How to change the poster colors on the Slide Master

This video loop demonstrates how to change the colors of your poster presentation template on the Slide Master.

1-Click on the View tab.
2-Click on Slide Master
3-Select the master you want to edit from the left side of the PowerPoint window.
4-On the master, you can change the Background, the columns, add, resize or remove items.
5-Select the Layout master to change your default text.
6-When finished, click on Exit Master from the View tab click View Normal. That will take you back to your presentation.

IMPORTANT: Do not design your poster when in Master view. You must exit the master after you finish your cosmetic edits.