Our Guarantee

Production guarantee: We guarantee that if your order is placed, approved to print, and paid for before noon Pacific (Monday through Friday), it will ship out the same day it is placed unless other verbal or written arrangements have been made between us and the person who assumes responsibility for placing the order. Academic SuperSaver orders are shipped only as indicated on the Academic SuperSaver order page.


Courier: All orders are shipped by FedEx unless you make your own arrangements with another courier.


Courier delivery failure: You are fully responsible for calculating the correct delivery schedule that will best accommodate your presentation date. We strongly recommend that you allow enough time for the rare but possible delivery failure by the courier service. If FedEx fails to deliver as scheduled, the shipping charges will be refunded in full under certain conditions. The merchandise will not be refunded even if it is past your presentation date and time. Depending on the circumstances and if timing allows it, we may reprint your order at half the original price and/or expedite it at a reduced rate. If the delivery is delayed by the courier due to weather or other "acts of God"  there will not be a refund for any part of the order. If the courier reports a package as being delivered but you still don’t have it in your possession you have to contact the courier and try to resolve the issue locally. If you cannot resolve the issue with the courier you have to call us within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery and we will help you resolve the issue as best as we can. No refunds for poster returns.


Damaged delivery: If FedEx delivers your poster damaged your order will be re-printed and re-shipped at no additional cost to you as long as we are notified within a day after the delivery date. We may require pictures of the damage so we can claim damages.


Courtesy review: We will perform a free courtesy design and layout check on your poster(s), look for image quality issues and will offer our suggestions if needed. We will not assume responsibility for any layout, color, spelling or design errors that exist in your presentation.


Poster sizing errors: We will check your poster(s) for any sizing or proportion errors and offer possible solutions. If we cannot reach you by phone or email in order to resolve a sizing issue, your poster will be printed to fit within the poster size you ordered and paid for in order to meet your indicated deadline.


PDF proofs: Unless you send us a PDF file, we will email you an electronic proof of your document prior to printing in order to eliminate printing unwanted errors. You are fully responsible for reviewing and approving the proof. No refunds or reprints will be offered if an error exists on a proof.


Our printing error: In the event an unlikely error on our part still occurs, your poster will be reprinted immediately and reshipped at no charge.


Shipping tubes: All posters ship in heavy duty cardboard tubes at no additional charge. You will not pay rush charges even if you have a “last minute” order. Expect to pay standard FedEx.


Terms and conditions

Technical support: In order to ensure quality output, we offer to all our first time clients complimentary and very specific to our line of work technical support. We cannot be a substitute for official support services offered by your software manufacturers.


Reorders: All reorders and remakes are billed as new orders. We cannot guarantee exact color matching between output done at different time intervals.


Copyrighted Artwork: The purchaser is fully responsible for obeying the United States copyright laws. PosterPresentations.com will not violate federal copyright laws. By submitting your artwork to us, physically or electronically, you agree to release us and hold us harmless from any claims, actions, or liability resulting from our reproduction of any originals you supply us with for any purpose.


Shipping: We offer shipping via FedEx. Please review our shipping guide for details.


Canceled Orders: Canceled orders are charged for all labor and materials completed and used up to the point of cancellation. No refunds for poster returns.


Rush Orders: We can rush the majority our services to meet your most demanding deadlines. We will only apply rush charges if we need to make changes to our production timeline in order to meet your deadline. (for example, If we need to make a special trip to FedEx after the daily pickup has already been picked up or if we need to work over the weekend).


Terms: Payment is due when you place your order online. Our terms for purchase orders are net 30.


Minimum Order: There is a $15.00 minimum for all orders.