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Welcome to the Thermo Fisher Aspire™ member program poster printing order page.


As a member of the Arspire member program you are eligible to receive a 75% discount on the printing of one scientific research poster each year of your membership.


How to redeem your benefit and place your order:


You should have received an email with a unique coupon code when you redeemed this benefit from the Aspire member program. Use that code at checkout to complete your poster printing order.


Please fill in all the information required on the form to the right and click the Buy Now button. Then at checkout confirm your order and enter your coupon code.


Shipping charges:

Shipping is included as part of your reward.

U.S. customers will not see a charge for shipping.

Canadian customers will be refunded for the FedEx shipping charge within 24 hours of order receipt.


Contact information:

For questions regarding ordering and printing please email or call 510.649.3001


For questions regarding the Aspire member program please email

Ordering tips:


Upload files

Upload your poster file to be printed. The successfully uploaded file will appear under the Upload button. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the file you upload is as close as possible to the poster size you select. Wrong size files may delay your order.


File compatibility

Let us know if you created your file on a Windows computer or a Mac to help eliminate compatibility problems.


Assurance proof

Select YES if you want to see a preview of your file before it goes to print. We will require your approval by the deadline indicated on the e-proof email. We highly recommend using PowerPoint documents. An assurance proof is not necessary if you are submitting PDF files.


Presentation date

Let us know when you are going to present your poster as it will help us meet your deadline.


Poster size

Select your desired poster size from the 3 options in the drop-down menu based on your poster’s dimensions. Horizontal posters will be printed horizontally and vertical posters will be printed vertically. Your poster will be printed to that size without distortion.



Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions.



You are limited to one poster at the 75% discount for each year of your program membership.


Buy now

Clicking the Buy Now button will take you to the confirmation page where you can pay for your order with PayPal, debit or credit card. You can edit your order at any time.



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