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Poster Type

Select which finish you would like for your poster


Economy bond

Inexpensive option for in-house presentations. Works better with posters that have a light background and overall light ink coverage.


Professional heavy
photographic paper

Our standard and most popular option. It’s a well-priced, beautiful paper that will enhance your presentation. Offering very sharp printing, vivid color and easy handling, makes this paper the choice of professionals.


Durable glare-free
laminated poster

In this option, the Professional Photographic is protected with a trade-show grade laminate that makes the poster very durable and easy to read in a conference environment. It reduces glare, fingerprints, kinks, scratches, etc. It’s also a good option for posters that will be put on permanent display after the initial presentation.


Easy-Travel fabric

This option provides a great way to travel with your poster without having to carry a tube on the plane. Printed on crease-resistant high-end fabric, your poster can be packed in your suitcase. At the meeting you unroll it and you are done! SEE DEMO


TRI-FOLD poster presentation.

NEW! This is our solution to tabletop 48x36 trifold poster presentations.
No more amateur-looking presentations at the meeting. For $149 we will print, mount, package in a reusable container and ship a professional looking trifold poster that will turn heads.


Dry-Erase laminate

NEW! We are the first to offer posters with Dry-Erase lamination. This is a glossy laminate that let you write on your poster with dry-erase markers. Great for posters in offices, meeting rooms, school classrooms, and other work environments.

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We will perform a free courtesy design and layout  check on your poster(s), look for image quality issues and will offer our suggestions if needed.


 We will check your poster(s) for any sizing or proportion errors and offer possible solutions.


Unless you send us a PDF file, we will email you an electronic proof of your document prior to printing in order to eliminate printing errors and unwanted surprises upon delivery.


 In the event an unlikely error still occurs on our part, your poster will be reprinted immediately and reshipped at no charge.


 If FedEx misses your planned delivery or damages your poster for any reason other than “an act of God” we will immediately reprint and ship another poster to you at no charge.


All posters ship in heavy duty cardboard tubes at no additional charge.


You will not pay rush charges even if you have a “last minute” order. Expect to pay standard Fedex rates.



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