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Research Poster Basics
How to add pictures and captions

This video demonstrates how to insert a photo into your poster from the "Insert Picture" menu and how to proportionally size it. It will also show how to drag-and-drop a block of text into the poster from another document to use as a caption.

What to avoid: Avoid stretching images without holding down the shift key on your keyboard. You will be distorting the image resulting in unpredictable printing quality.
Avoid cropping an image in PowerPoint or at printing time the results may also be unpredictable. Crop your image using an image editing software like Photoshop or Paint.

Important Hint: If you are going to use our printing services, and want to predict how well your images are going to print on your final, zoom in at the picture at either 100% zoom or 200% zoom, depending on the size of the template you are using. If the picture looks good at those magnifications, then it will print well.
For templates 48x36 and 48x48 use 100% zoom. For all other templates use 200%.



This video does not require audio. Click on the youtubebutton icon to enlarge


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