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Shipping guarantee
We guarantee that if your order is placed by noon (Pacific time), Monday through Friday, it will ship out the same day with your choice of delivery schedule. The fastest you can expect to receive your order is by 10:30 the next business morning. Weekends and holidays are not delivery days. Local customers can pick up their order in person at the end of our business day.
International customers be aware of US holidays and their local holiday schedules to avoid delivery delays.
We ship all orders by FedEx. If FedEx misses your planned delivery we will make every effort to remedy the problem. A shipping refund will be issued as long as the delay was not due to weather conditions. If your poster arrives damaged we will immediately reprint and ship another poster to you at no charge as long as we hear from you within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery. Orders lost after shown by FedEx as delivered to the correct address can be reprinted at half the cost of the original order.

Printing guarantee
We guarantee that your poster document will print free of printer errors due to production issues on our part. We will check your poster(s) for any sizing or proportion errors and offer possible solutions. If we see other errors we will notify you. We are not liable for errors that exist on the document you submit.
If you submit a PowerPoint file we will email you an electronic proof of your document prior to printing in order to eliminate printing errors and unwanted surprises upon delivery. Your order will be on hold until you approve your proof. If you do not respond to your proof in a timely manner and your deadline is at risk, we will proceed with printing and shipping as you requested and automatically void our printing guarantee.

If you submit a PDF file, the file will be printed right away unless we see errors or it happens to be a size other that what you specified in which case we will contact you as soon as possible. If you do not respond in a timely manner your order will be processed as is.

Printer/software errors are extremely rare. If an unlikely printer error occurs, your poster will be reprinted immediately and reshipped at no charge. If your deadline does not allow a replacement, you will receive a full refund. Depending on the error we may require photos of the poster.





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