2023 Nursing Student Poster Presentations

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2023 Nursing Student Poster Presentations


Presentation Media Submission

Deadline: April 14th, 2023 by end of day

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Event Guidelines 

Posters must be submitted by April 14, 11:59 PM. To submit your poster use the online form on this page (above).

> Save your poster document in PDF format and confirm that it looks good, and everything is legible when viewing at 100% magnification on your screen. It is preferred that your poster is in Landscape orientation for better viewing,

> Write a short description of your poster (60 characters max.). It will become the link to your poster on the internet.

> Write a summary of your poster (170 characters max.). It will become your poster's description on the internet and help search engines find your poster when people are looking for relevant terms.

> Prepare your narration (See narration tab for guidance). 

Prepare a 1-5 minute audio talk that briefly reviews the highlights of your work, and complements the information on your poster. You can write out the text. Practice reading it slowly and clearly. The submission form will prompt you to narrate when you submit your poster. If you make a mistake while reading, you can stop your narration and start over as many times as needed until you are happy with the results.

Consider the following:

> What is the topic?
> What did you find?
> Why is it important?

Describe the work you have done in a succinct manner using different words (do not read your poster).

> Introduction
Problem studied, background information with key references, knowledge gap.

> Purpose
Succinct statement of the purpose of the project/study.


Event Posters

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