Virtual poster presentations for conferences and meetings of all sizes

Provide your conference attendees with a unique and compelling virtual poster presentation platform. 

Virtual poster presentations

Limited time offer
Only $29 per poster submission!

The price includes all current presentation features.
The setup price of the vitual poster gallery and submission management system depends on the number of poster submissions and the extend of its customization. The setup can be used for future events at no additional cost. Request a quote for exact pricing.

Seamless integration with zoom, google meet, webx, microsoft teams

Seamless integration with the tools you already use

Our virtual poster presentation platform is designed to work with all the screen-sharing tools you are already using for your virtual meetings. No need to invest in expensive and elaborate conference systems. No contracts to sign, no long-term commitment. 

Easy abstract evaluation

Collection of abstracts and supporting documents

Suppose you are in charge of collecting and evaluating abstracts before poster submissions are accepted. In that case, our custom abstract submission forms provide you with the flexibility and efficiency you may have missed.

Let us know what information you wish to collect, and we will custom-tailor an application form that you can distribute to potential conference attendees. The form can be simple or include upload requests for full papers, posters, recordings, letters of recommendation, manuscripts, resumes, and more.

If your conference has external referees, our forms can automatically send the submissions to multiple email addresses for review.

We can host the online form for your convenience, or you can easily host it on your website.

Fully personalized conference page setup

Fully personalized conference page setup

Your conference or meeting will have its customized portal and will include a customized submission form for posters and papers, links to your organization, information about your event, deadlines, submission requirements, guidelines, sponsorship information, custom search, and more.


On the day of the event, the conference page will feature thumbnails of the conference posters for the audience to scroll through to the subject of their interest. A click on a thumbnail opens up the poster's individual presentation page.

Convenient poster submissions and tracking

Convenient poster submissions and tracking

We created this service to take the burden of managing poster submissions away from you.

When a new submission comes in, our system automatically provides you with detailed information of who submitted their poster, together with all the relevant information you are looking to collect. And when the event is over, web statistics are available for your review so that you can monitor attendance and plan for your future events.

No poster size restrictions

No poster size restrictions

We do not inconvenience presenters with mandatory poster size and orientation requirements. Our system will accept any poster and display it seamlessly across all devices, from big monitors, laptops, and tablets, to mobile phones.

Not having document size restrictions also increases meeting attendance because participants can present any poster they have created for past events without modifying it to attend your meeting.

Interactive, multimedia poster presentations

Interactive, multimedia poster presentations

Every poster submission includes a full-featured set of presentation tools.

1. The poster title, together with the authors and the affiliated institutions
Let visitors quickly find out what the poster is about, who the authors are, and with which institutions they are associated.

2. Original PDF download
Your original PDF document is readily available for download with a single click. Useful for sharing and printing.

3. Narration
Provide your audience with a brief narrative about the topic you are presenting and any information that is not included on your poster. Not comfortable with your narration skills? Not a problem. Just provide the text, and our life-like synthesized voices will provide the audio.

4. Dynamic poster viewing
We created the most effective and seamless way to present your poster virtually. Click on the poster's thumbnail image to fill the whole screen and enter the standby mode. When your turn comes, click again for an optimized closeup view that will impress your audience.

5. Social media sharing tools
A series of social media sharing tools allow your visitors to share your page with their colleagues on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, etc.

6. Discussion board
The discussion board lets your visitors interact with you and publicly ask questions about your poster, view your responses and start a discussion.

7. Secure "Contact the Authors" form
Lets your visitors privately contact you via email without being able to see your email address.

8. The poster Abstract
When you submit your poster, add your abstract to make your poster searchable and easy to find online.

9. International Licensing protections
Displays the type of license that protects your poster from being copied and shared.

Moderated or asynchronous poster viewing

Moderated or asynchronous poster viewing

Our poster presentation platform is fully compatible with all screen sharing services and provides you with an easy way to moderate your meeting.

After the meeting is over, the posters remain available online for viewing at any time by thousands of researchers from all over the world at no additional cost.

Document formats

Document format flexibility

Virtual presentations can be generated from PDF files or PowerPoint files. The presentations can be single page documents for displaying research posters or multiple page documents for displaying research papers or slideshows. There are no document dimensional restrictions.
( Hosting limitations may apply to certain documents)

Printing Services

Printing services for hybrid meetings

Is your meeting a combination of virtual and traditional printed posters?

Our 20 years of experience printing research posters make us the ultimate one-stop shop for your hybrid meeting. Besides handling your virtual poster submissions, we can also handle poster printing and shipping. Your meeting's attendees will enjoy discounts and not have to look for another vendor to handle their printing.

Our printing services include printing on professional quality papers, fabrics and tabletop trifolds. 

Setting up a virtual meeting

Setup timeline and process

Getting to understand your project

Our platform is very flexible and customizable. The better we understand your requirements and goals, the more impressive your virtual poster conference will be. We will spend a few minutes discussing your project's scope to fully understand your expectations and what features you would like to offer to your conference attendees during our first conversation. We will discuss what features we can add, our hosting options and address your security and privacy concerns. We will also talk about pricing and available discounts.

Designing your portal page

Based on the information we gather from our initial conversation, we will design your conference's portal page. The portal is the page where the presenters will visit to see their submission deadline, read instructions, and submit their posters for the meeting. It is also the page that will host your meeting and display the virtual event posters on the day of the event and beyond.

Call for submissions

As the deadline approaches, the presenters submit their posters using the custom form on your portal page. As we process each submission, we post them on a secure portal page so that you can privately follow our progress. As soon as they submit their posters, each presenter will receive a link to their poster page so that they have time to familiarize themselves with their virtual poster presentation and prepare for the meeting.

It's meeting day!

The day before the conference, your official portal will go live. It will display all the submitted posters in rows, together with their IDs and Title. Your visitors will be able to scroll through the posters, click on a poster that interests them and view it at their convenience on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and even a cell phone. When each presenter is called to present their poster, they will share their computer screen and present from their poster page during the live screen sharing session.

After the meeting

After the meeting is over, your portal will remain online, although it will not accept any submissions until the next meeting. Unless you request otherwise, all the posters will remain available for viewing, commenting, and sharing.

See how it works

Click on a logo to view how each meeting was customized.

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