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Overview of the research poster templates

A short video overview of the PowerPoint poster template. What’s on the template and how it can make your design experience easier.


This video does not require audio. Click on the youtube_replay icon to replay the video. Click on the youtube_enlarge icon to enlarge the screen.



- Deciding on a poster size
- How to download a template
- Overview of the poster template
- Fast-forward a poster presentation
- How to add a title to the poster
- How to add text to the poster
- How to change the template colors
- How to change the column layout
- How to add photos to the poster
- How to remove the instruction guides
- How to import a table
- How to add an organization chart
- How to add a pie chart
- How to add a bar chart
How to add bulleted text








The research poster template overview

01 - General how-to instructions. Placed outside the poster page, will not print on the final. Mac PowerPoint Page Set-up has to be adjusted..
02 - Drag and drop additional headers. The template already has a few headers randomly placed (see #11).
03 - Drag and drop text blocks. The template already has a few text blocks randomly placed (see #12).
04 - Drag and drop image blocks. Put in place, resize and click to import photo.
05 - Facebook academic discount info.
06 - Quick guide on how to use the templates.
07 - Click inside to add your poster title.
08 - Click inside to add the names of the poster authors.
09 - Click inside to list the institutions associated with this poster.
10 - Click to add a logo to the poster.
11 - Poster section headers. Move around as needed.
12 - Text blocks. Add your text and move into place as needed.
13 - The poster columns. You can change the size ans configuration as needed. See below.
14 - Indicates the size of the template. Make sure it’s the size you need.
15 - Use the zoom slider to zoom in and out of the template.


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