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Help Desk: How to create a professional research poster

How to design an effective research poster presentation

Our tutorials are for those who need to create a professional-looking scientific research poster presentation as fast as possible.

This series of short video and animated tutorials will show you step-by-step answers to the most common questions regarding the research poster making process.

First steps

What size poster should I make?

Not sure what size poster you need for your presentation? This page offers simple instructions on how to get started.

How to check the size of a template you already have
If someone has provided you with a PowerPoint poster template it is wise to confirm its size before you start working on your poster. It is often that templates are altered for various reasons while keeping the original name and that means trouble!


How to download your PowerPoint research poster template

This video demonstrates how to download a PowerPoint poster template from the website, how to save it and how to open it in PowerPoint.

Poster creation overview

The research poster template overview

A short video overview of the PowerPoint poster template, what’s on the template and how it can make your design experience easier.


Fast forward - Creating a scientific poster presentation

A time-lapse video demonstrating the complete process of putting together a scientific poster presentation.


Organizing your content

Organize your content before you start working on your poster to speed up the process.

Working on the poster

How to zoom in and out of the template

Unless you have a huge screen it might be hard to read, write or edit your poster at the default PowerPoint magnification. This tutorial demonstrates how to use the magnification tool to zoom in and out.


What size to make your fonts

Deciding what font sizes to use is hard but there are tricks that make it easier.


How to add a title to your poster template

A demonstration of how to add a title to your poster template and what to avoid.


How to add text to the poster

A demonstration of how to add text to the poster template.


How to add pictures to the poster

This video demonstrates how to insert a photo into your poster by simply dragging and dropping it directly onto the template.


How to add a table

How to copy and paste a table from another document to your poster.

How to personalize your poster

How to change the colors of the template

Don’t like the default colors and want to change everything? If you have basic PowerPoint skills the process is easy.


How to change the column configuration

How to change the column configuration using the built-in layouts.


How to delete the Quick Guide bars

Although they will not affect the printing of the poster, it is easy to delete the black Quick Guide bars.

How to order and print your poster

How to order your poster

Ready to have your poster printed? It's quick, easy and it can be there tomorrow morning!

Easy to use ALT Code symbols
Searching for a special character symbol for your poster?
Click here to choose from over 250 easy to copy ALT Code symbols.

Don't have PowerPoint?
Google Slides logoGoogle Slides to the rescue!
Google Slides offers a great alternative to PowerPoint. It has everything you need to make a professional poster. It is almost identical and free. Click here for a quick tutorial.

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