Light-weight roll-up banner stands

36x82.5 rollup banner stand

Professional light-weight roll-up banner stands for meetings and events.

This affordable, lightweight aluminum frame sets up easily in seconds for ultimate convenience, quality and value.


Our banner stands are suitable for a variety of indoor settings. Trade shows, events, retail and more. Lightweight, easy to transport and easy to set up.

Banner stand support
Banner stand carrying bag with contents


  • Light-weight - 7 or 9 lbs including hardware, graphic and carrying bag
  • Easy to carry on the plane
  • Free Shipping
  • Printed on durable super-smooth vinyl with opaque backing to prevent light from coming through the banner
  • No edge curling. The banner stays flat for a professional look
  • Very low profile. Add multiple banners next to each other to create a wall

Production schedule

Ships in 2 to 3 business days.


Delivery options


Store pickup

FedEx next business day

FedEx two business days

FedEx three business days

FedEx Ground 2-5 business days (free)



Banner stand templates
PowerPoint - PhotoShop - Illustrator - InDesign

24 wide x 72 tall template

24x72  Powerpoint banner stand template   24x72 Photoshop banner stand template   24x72 Illustrator banner stand template   24x72 InDesign banner stand template

36 wide x 82.5 tall template

36x82.5 Powerpoint banner stand template   36x82.5 Photoshop banner stand template   36x82.5 Illustrator banner stand template   36x82.5 InDesign banner stand template

Effective ways to display your banner stands

Banner stands provide an easy and relatively inexpensive way to promote your organization or your business at any event.


Roll up L-banner stands (as shown on this page) are banners supported by a collapsible tension pole and a small support footing. Looking at the banner stand from the side it looks like the letter L which gives it its name. What makes L banner stands very convenient is that they are very light, making them very easy to transport and travel with. What we also like about them is that looking at them from the front, they have a very low profile. The banner is attached to the stand with two 36" clamps (one on the top and one on the bottom) that are only 1/2" thick which is the only visible part of the hardware.


Another nice feature is that you can put the L-banner stands next to each other to create an inexpensive wall instead of investing in a more elaborate booth. Here are the most common ways banner stands are used.

A free-standing banner or a banner next to a table

Using a single banner stand provides a great way to display graphics and promote your brand, organization and message. You can place it by itself in high traffic areas or you can use it at a trade show as a compliment to your other presentation setup, like a table or a backdrop.


If you have a table, a banner stand is a great way to attract attention in a crowded area because of it's height. Make sure to put the most important information towards the top so that it can be easily visible.


If you have the room, put the banner stand next t he table in order to give your booth length and visual interest.

A banner on both sides of a table


If you are using a table or a podium you may want to conceder and additional banner stand for your presentation. If you have the room, you can give the sense of a larger both or you can tilt them to face the traffic coming from both directions. This may be very useful in high traffic areas  because you can be seen more easily by approaching traffic.  Don't forget to add the most important message to the top of the banners.

A "banner wall" with a table in front


You can create a very professional-looking wall with three banner-stands touching each other. It is a great way to avoid the expense of a trade show booth and the hassle of shipping. Each banner stand is 3 feet wide which gives you a total of 9 feet. Just one foot shorter of a traditional 10 foot booth. You can design the banner stands as one big graphic spanning across all three banners.

Three evenly spaced banners with a table in front


This configuration is a little different. You can use three banner stands with or without a table on the front. If you have a table and you also have some room behind you, you can create a wall with three graphics for a very effective and professional display. If you don't have a table or a podium, you can use the stands as a big poster. You can use the panels to display a lot of information and invite your audience to come up close to the banner stands.

Staggered banners with a table in front


This staggered presentation style provides great flexibility. It allows you to use your banner stands in different settings and different configurations. Design your banners by priority. Design one banner stand in a way that it can be used on its own when there is no room for more that one. Design the second banner stand so that it compliments the first one so that you can use it when you have room for two. And when you need to create a wall, design the third banners stand with a "filler" design that will offer visual impact and fill in the space between the other two. Great and flexible solution! Our favorite configuration.

36x82.5 rollup banner stand
Banner stand support
Banner stand carrying bag with contents
Banner stand carrying bag with contents
Banner stand support
36x82.5 rollup banner stand