Research Poster Size Checker

Whether you're preparing for a major conference or a local meeting, our Poster Size Checker empowers you to make informed decisions about your poster's print size, ensuring your work is presented in the best possible way

Size Verification

Instantly check the current dimensions of your poster design, ensuring you start with accurate measurements.

Proportional Scaling

With our intuitive slider, explore all standard print sizes available for your design. This feature helps you visualize how your poster can be proportionally scaled up or down, ensuring that the final print maintains the integrity of your original design.

Custom Size Options

If standard sizes don't meet your needs, our tool also provides guidance on custom dimensions, allowing for a personalized approach to your poster presentations.

Seamless Design-to-Print Transition

Our goal is to make the transition from design to print as smooth as possible. By providing clear, proportional print options, we help you avoid common pitfalls such as pixelation or inappropriate scaling, ensuring your poster looks professional and engaging.

Horizontal Rule Example
max poster size
Upload your PDF or PowerPoint file to check its size
Horizontal Rule Example



Select the maximum poster size allowed at the meeting
Follow the guidelines provided by the conference organizers to choose the maximum allowable size for your poster. Use the drop-down menu for selection. If unsure of the conference's specified size, opt for the largest size you might consider printing. The representation of the space allowed will adjust accordingly in the dark box on the left. 


Specify the measurement units
The default is in inches but you have the option to specify centimeters.


Upload your file
Click on "Browse" to find your poster file on your computer. Click "Upload" to import it into the tool. As soon as the upload is completed, you poster will appear inside the big box on the left of the screen. The tool will display how your poster will fit in the space allowed by the meeting. 


Check your printing options
Use the sider to check different size options for printing. The tools will calculate the sizes that you can print your poster without any distortion. Make a note on the size that looks best to you and request it when you order your poster.