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Top most frequently asked questions

How quickly can I receive my poster? is a SAME-DAY poster printing service.
Place your order by noon (Pacific, Mon-Fri) and your order will be printed and shipped out that same business day.
Running late? No worries. Call us and if we can add your order to queue, we will be happy to do so. Remember, unlike other online printers, we don’t charge rush fees!

How do I order my poster?
To order your poster go to the Price Guide page and click on the "Upload & Order" button on the upper right corner of the page. You will be provided with a list of poster printing services we offer. Once you choose a printing option you will see a page where you can order the type of poster you are looking for. 
Upload your poster file, fill in the rest of the questions and proceed to paying for your order. If the order is placed before noon (Pacific) it will ship out the same business day.

How much will my poster be?
On the "Price Guide" page you can see our pricing for all the standard poster sizes. If your poster size is not listed, find the size that your poster is closest to and that will be the price of your poster. Your poster will be printed at its correct size.

How do I get a student discount?
You can get a discount coupon from our Facebook page at:
Click on the "Promotions and Discounts" tab to see the coupon code. You have to use Facebook on a desktop computer to see the tabs.

Do you offer discounts for group/bulk orders?
Yes we do. Group discounts depend on many factors. The poster sizes, poster types, order volume, deadline, payment methods and other factors play a roll in the type of discount we can offer you. If you are interested please fill in this form and we will contact you with further information:

Where do you ship?
We ship to every place in the world where FedEx delivers. You can see our rates on this page:

How do I order multiple posters?
Our ordering system allows you to upload as many files as you need to. Just make sure that you adjust the quantity to match the number of posters you uploaded. For example, if you upload five different posters and want one copy each, change the quantity to 5. Also, if you upload one poster and want five copies of the same poster, change the quantity to five as well. We will confirm your order before we print it.

Can you print custom sizes not listed on the website?
Yes, we can print any size poster up to 48" by 96" inches (122x244cm). If you need a custom size poster will have to pay for a poster that is as close to the size of your poster. Your poster will be printed at the size you request.

Can I pick up my order from your Berkeley office? When will it be ready?
You can pick up your order from our Berkeley office location. Orders placed in the morning can be picked up after 4 pm Monday through Friday. If you need your order sooner please call us and we will be happy to accommodate you as soon as possible.

Is my Business / School / University / Organization tax exempt in California?
Generally, any order that is delivered or picked up within the State of California is taxable even if your organization is tax exempt in your state. There are a few exemptions. For example, the Federal Government is tax exempt but under very strict rules. Your organization may also be tax exempt in California if it has applied and been approved for a tax exemption. You would need to provide documentation issued by the State of California indicating that you are tax exempt. 
Detailed information about tax exemptions can be found here:


Prices and ways to pay for your order

How do your prices compare to other online services?

Our "out the door" prices are better or comparable to other online printing services. We strive for quality and service without sacrificing good prices, and we never charge rush fees. You'll pay for your poster at the listed price, and for your shipping if you don't have time to take advantage of the free shipping.

What other fees will be added to my total order?

There are no additional fees. You pay for your poster at the listed price, and for your shipping if you don't have time to take advantage of the free shipping. If you are in California expect to pay sales tax.

Do I have to pay for my carrying tube? 

We include all necessary packaging in the price. Our posters ship in heavy duty cardboard shipping tubes shipped inside protective boxes at no additional charge.
Fabric posters ship in special zip-lock bags that you can pack in your suitcase.
Trifolds ship folded inside 26x38x1 reusable mailers.

What types of payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, purchase orders and corporate checks.

How can I use a P.O. to pay for my order?
You need to go to our Purchase Order page and fill in the provided form.

I don't see my size poster listed in Price Guide. Can you print it and how much will it cost?
We can print any size poster up to 48x96 inches. If you don't see your size in the price guide expect to pay the price of the size that your poster fits in the best. For example, if your poster needs to be 40x56 inches you will be charged the price of a 42x60 poster.

If I order today, when can I have my poster? is a "Same-Day" printing service. If your order is placed, approved and paid for by noon Pacific time (3 pm Eastern), it will be printed and shipped out the same business day (Mon-Fri). If your order is placed and ready to print after the cut-off time, it will be processed, printed and shipped the following business day.
It will be up to you to choose how fast your want your poster delivered. 

Your options are:
-Next business day by 10:30 am (to most locations)
-Second business day by end of day
-Third business day by end of day
-FREE Ground shipping that, based on your location, takes up to five business days.

You can find the shipping rates here:

Do you ship to Canada and other countries?
Yes, we ship to any location where there is FedEx delivery. That's almost everywhere.
Deliveries to Canada are fast. Your options are Next business day and Second business day. 

Delivery schedules to other countries vary depending on local rules and regulations. What's important to remember is to take under account local holidays, possible customs delays and local ways of doing business. For those reasons we always recommend that you give yourself a couple of extra days in case there is an unexpected delay.

Can you ship to a hotel?
Yes. If you are going to a conference, we highly recommend that your poster gets shipped to the hotel you are staying. 
It is important that you ask your hotel whether your package can arrive before you check in and what their policy is. You should also ask them if they charge for holding your package. Most hotels don't.
If you are going to a hotel/resort that is far from a metro area it is also important to ask them if FedEx can deliver overnight packages to them. Hotels in remote areas may be too far for FedEx and additional delivery time may be required. Some Hawaiian islands are a good example.

Can I pick up my order from your location?
Yes. If you place your order before noon, you can pick it up around 5 pm. If you need it sooner please let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you as soon as we can. We are located at 2117 Fourth Street STE C in Berkeley and our hours are 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (Mon-Fri).

How can I get free shipping?
All our posters come with free Ground shipping. Depending on your location, it will take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days for your order to come to your door.
You can can get free second business day delivery if you have more than one poster with your order. If you only have one poster you can combine your order with a friends order and as long as both posters are shipped together you will both get free shipping. The same applies to larger groups as long as we can ship all the posters to one location. If an order is over $500 you will get free next morning delivery.

Can we use our own company's FedEx account?
Yes. Unfortunately at this time our system will not let you enter your own account number but there is a way around it.
When you order choose Ground shipping which is free. Then call us with your FedEx account number and the type of FedEx service you need.

What if I don't receive my poster on time? is a very time-sensitive company. We make every effort to have your order delivered on time so that you can have a professional poster presentation when you need it.
 Occasionally, especially with overnight deliveries, there is a risk that your order will not reach you on time even if though it was shipped out as promised. It is important to understand that variables such as weather delays, airport delays and other issues that FedEx may experience cannot be controlled by us. If that happens with your order we will make every effort to help you resolve the issue with the courier. The best way to avoid this inconvenience is to allow an additional day for delivery.

Do you offer Saturday delivery?
Yes. FedEx offers Saturday delivery to most locations. Their commitment time is noon. Saturday delivery has to be scheduled as overnight delivery from Friday. It cannot be scheduled from any other day. An additional fee is added to the overnight shipping. 
To arrange Saturday delivery please call us at 866.649.3004.


Questions about creating and designing your poster

I have never made a scientific poster before. Where do I start?
On our Free templates page we offer free professionally designed PowerPoint research poster templates. You must have Microsoft PowerPoint installed in your computer to use the templates. 
On that page, choose a template and click on it to download it to your computer. Most likely, the template will be saved in your Downloads folder. Move the template out of the Downloads folder and onto your desktop. Double-click on it so it opens in PowerPoint. Go to the File menu and then to Save As. Save the template with a different name and you are ready to work on your poster presentation.

My PowerPoint skills are limited. Can I still use your templates?
You don't need to be a PowerPoint expert to use the templates but you need to have reasonable computer skills and basic understanding of Microsoft Office products.

What size should I make my poster?
It is very important that you check with the conference or meeting organizers before you download a particular template size. If you design your poster using the wrong size template it may not be possible to adjust the size later without too much time and effort.
Most national conferences in the USA offer 4x8 foot panels to present your poster. These panels will accommodate all standard poster sizes. Smaller meetings have limited space and therefore provide smaller panels or tables for tabletop presentations.

Do you provide tutorials?
You can find two types of tutorials on this website:
Quick tutorials:
Detailed tutorials:

Do you offer design services?
We provide basic poster design services on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want us to design your poster using our templates we will have to provide you with an estimate before we start working on your project. 
You can start the process on this page:
If you need corporate-level design services, we can refer you to a professional designer who is experienced with poster presentations. You will be in direct contact with them throughout the design process.


Questions about our printing process

What size posters can you print?
We can print any size research posters up to 48 inches by 96 inches. For billing purposes our Price Guide lists the most common ones. If your poster is not a standard size it will be printed at the right size but will be billed at the closest standard size.

Can your posters be displayed on an easel?
The Professional, the EasyTravel Fabric and the SuperSaver are printed on non rigid materials. If your poster needs to be displayed on an easel there is an easy and less expensive solution. Order the Professional or the SuperSaver and if the meeting organizers are not providing the boards, you can purchase a sheet of FoamCore from a local art or office supply store.

Do your trifolds include mounting?
Yes, our trifold posters boards come ready to use out of the box. They are mounted on trade-show grade materials that are durable and look professional.

How good is the quality of your fabric posters?
The printing quality of our fabric posters is superb. It will accommodate text as small as 8 points. Good color and very sharp. You can read more about it on our fabric page.

How do I know that my poster will look good?
Once we receive your file we will be able to tell you if your poster will print properly. If you are concerned we suggest that you upload your original PowerPoint document instead of a PDF. It will allow us to make adjustments if we find it necessary. You will be provided a proof prior to printing.


Discounts and ways to save money

Facebook discount coupons
You can get a discount coupon from the Promotions and Discounts tab on our Facebook page at:
IMPORTANT: Facebook tabs do not work on mobile devices. To see the tabs use a desktop computer and browser.

Multiple poster discounts
Two or more poster orders get three day free shipping as long as they ship together to the same place. If you don't have a second poster you can coordinate with a colleague or schoolmate and you can both get free shipping.
IMPORTANT: When you order please choose FedEx Ground (0$) and in the Notes section of the order form request your free three day shipping.

Orders over $500
Orders over $500 get free second business day delivery unless otherwise arranged or if the presentation deadline is too far ahead.

Group orders
If you are coordinating poster printing for a group, a meeting or a conference you may qualify for a variety of discounts. Please fill in the form on this page and we will contact you with further details and options:


Quality assurance questions

Can I see a proof before you print my poster?
Yes. If you upload a PowerPoint file we will send you back a PDF proof of your poster and wait for your approval before we send it to production. Proofs are sent in the order that they come in. If you expect to see a proof please keep an eye out for it and respond back to us as soon as possible so that your order will not be delayed.
Approvals are final so please be thorough.

I found an error in my proof. How to I resubmit my new file?
If you find an error of your own on the proof, make the necessary corrections and resubmit your document by using the link provided on the proof email. We will send you another proof for your approval.
The link is:

If I send a PDF will I see a proof?
No, unless we think there is a problem with your document or your order. If all looks good to us, we will process your order according to the production schedule. A good PDF sends your order to the front of the line.

Do you check for errors?
Our service includes a courtesy check for anything that is grossly problematic, like wrong size document, really bad alignments, graphics that are very low quality and text that cannot be read because of bad resolution. 
We will not check for spelling errors, bad layout, bad colors or incorrect data.

Oops! You discovered an omission or an embarrassing error on a poster that we have already printed and you need to reprint it with a correction. We are happy to help. As long as you let us know within a day or two after your poster has been delivered we can print it at 50% the original price. You will have to pay for the new shipping.