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Fast forward - Creating a scientific poster presentation

Fast forward  

Creating a scientific poster presentation

A time-lapse video demonstrating the complete process of putting together a scientific poster presentation.

Poster creation time lapse

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Powerpoint for Windows

This video was created on an older poster template but what you see here is essential.

The video demonstrates the progression of designing a basic poster from beginning to end. You see how headers are added, followed by blocks of text, followed by images and their captions, charts, tables, etc.

You will almost never start entering your information and finish exactly at the bottom right corner of your poster. You will either end up short or, most likely, end up running out of room.

Suppose you end up with too much empty space. You can enlarge your font, enlarge the line spacing, make the pictures bigger or add more content.

Suppose you run out of room. Enter all your information, even if it goes outside the poster. Then, reduce the text size (no less than 14pt), make pictures bigger, or eliminate some content until everything fits the poster.