Expert Research Poster Design Services

Transform Your Research into Impactful Posters, Effortlessly

In the world of academic and professional conferences, presenting your research through a well-designed poster can significantly impact your audience's engagement and understanding. Our xPRESS Poster Design Service is tailored for researchers, students, and professionals who seek to showcase their work through visually appealing and informative posters. Whether you lack the time, tools, or skills to design a poster, our team is equipped to bring your research to life.

How Our Service Works

Our service simplifies and expedites the process of converting your PowerPoint, Word, or PDF documents into professional-quality research posters. Here's a step-by-step guide to our hassle-free service:

Submission: Provide us with your existing documents, including any specific poster templates you prefer, along with the required poster size as specified by your conference guidelines.

Design Phase: Our designers will transform your content into a visually compelling poster, utilizing either your provided template or one from our curated selection.

Turnaround Time
To accommodate your schedule, we offer three production timelines:
Standard Service: 2 to 3 business days
Same-Day Service: Orders placed by 10 AM Pacific Time for urgent needs
Economy Service: Up to 5 business days for those without immediate deadlines

Finalization: Once your research poster design is finalized and delivered, we understand that additional changes may arise. To accommodate this, we offer further editing services at a rate of $80 per hour. This includes any content additions, deletions, or other modifications to the finalized design. We recommend reviewing your materials thoroughly before submission to minimize the need for post-design modifications

Customization and Collaboration
We encourage you to choose your own poster template if you have a specific design in mind. Alternatively, explore our range of templates to find the perfect fit for your project.

After Completion
Upon completing the design, the PowerPoint file is yours to keep, use, and modify without any restrictions. While the posters we create are optimized for printing at our facilities, you have the freedom to print your poster with any service of your choice.

Getting Started
To initiate your poster design, we need the following from you:

Poster Size: As per conference specifications.
Text Content: Organized Word, Powerpoint, or PDF  document of your poster text, including titles, author names, and affiliations.
Visual Elements: Any photos, tables, graphs, and charts, correctly positioned within your document.