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Custom Dry-Erase Posters

Dry-erase poster boards

Introducing our versatile and innovative custom dry-erase posters! 

Custom Dry-Erase Posters and White Boards

Custom dry-erase posters offer an efficient way to track, organize, and communicate information.

About our custom dry-erase posters
Our custom dry-erase posters offer a flexible solution for organizing and communicating information. For example, if you need a custom calendar for the office, a patient progress tracking board for the hospital, an information board for the emergency room, or a construction site safety board, our dry-erase posters posters can meet your specific needs.

Having the ability to update information easily, dry-erase posters offer the best way to track attendance, scheduling, safety protocols, and many other uses.

Our custom dry-erase posters offer a convenient and efficient way to track, organize, and communicate important information in various settings. They are perfect for hospitals, job sites, offices, schools, etc.

Custom Dry-erase Calendars:
Stay organized and keep everyone on track with our custom dry-erase calendars. Effortlessly plan and update schedules, deadlines, and appointments, all while enjoying the convenience of a reusable and easily modifiable calendar that fits your specific needs. 

Job Site Safety Boards:
Safety is paramount in any work environment, and our dry-erase posters can be transformed into comprehensive job site safety boards. Incorporate safety protocols, hazard identification, emergency contact information, and important reminders to keep workers informed and vigilant. Regular updates can be made to highlight ongoing safety concerns, fostering a safety culture and reducing the risk of accidents.

Custom Patient Tracking Boards:
Our dry-erase posters can be tailored to serve as patient tracking boards, allowing healthcare professionals to efficiently monitor and manage patient statuses. Whether it's tracking admissions, discharges, room assignments, or treatment schedules, these boards provide a clear and easily updatable visual representation of patient flow, enhancing coordination and communication among medical staff.

ER Info Boards:
Emergency rooms require quick and accessible information to ensure smooth operations. Our dry-erase posters can be transformed into ER info boards, displaying critical details such as triage protocols, emergency contact numbers, vital sign reference charts, and other important guidelines. With the ability to update information in real time, these boards help streamline emergency response procedures and improve patient care.

Hospital Room Trackers:
Efficiently manage hospital room occupancy and availability with our customizable dry-erase posters. These boards can be designed to include room numbers, patient names, current occupants, and status indicators (e.g., vacant, occupied, ready for cleaning). By providing a visual overview of room utilization, staff can quickly identify available rooms and optimize bed management, ensuring efficient patient flow within the hospital.

Calendars and Note Boards:
Stay organized and keep everyone informed with our custom dry-erase calendars and note boards. These versatile posters allow you to plan and track schedules, deadlines, and appointments, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Add sections for notes, reminders, or important announcements, creating a central hub for communication and coordination within your team or organization.

Maps and Diagrams:
Need a visual aid to convey complex information or directions? Transform our dry-erase posters into maps and diagrams. Whether displaying building layouts, floor plans, process flowcharts, or instructional diagrams, these posters provide a dynamic and interactive way to present information. Effortlessly update and modify content as needed, making them ideal for training sessions, presentations, or collaborative discussions.

Participation/Attendance Trackers:
Monitor attendance, participation, or progress with our customizable dry-erase posters. Whether it's tracking employee training sessions, student attendance, or team progress, these posters visually represent individuals' involvement or milestones. Easily update and modify the trackers to keep everyone informed and motivated.

Use our custom dry-erase posters to create a visual tool that effectively conveys information and promotes efficient communication in any setting. Say goodbye to static and outdated displays, and embrace our custom dry-erase posters' dynamic and interactive power.

Frequently asked questions about custom dry-erase posters

What are dry-erase posters?
Our custom dry-erase posters are coated with a dry-erase laminate, allowing you to write, draw, and erase on them using dry-erase markers. They offer a versatile and reusable solution for visual communication, brainstorming, scheduling, and more.

What sizes are available for custom dry-erase posters?
Our sizes for custom dry-erase posters range between 24x36 inches and 48x96 inches. You can see all available sizes and prices here:

How can I customize a dry-erase poster?
As long as you can create a "Print-Quality" PDF, any design you create in PowerPoint, Word, InDesign, etc, can be printed and used to create custom dry-erase posters.

Can I use any dry-erase markers on custom dry-erase posters?
Generally, you can use any standard dry-erase markers on custom dry-erase posters.  Avoid using permanent markers or other types of ink that will be very difficult to erase.

What file formats can be accepted for printing?
Our required file format is PDF. If you have designed your artwork in PowerPoint, create your PDF by going to Save As > File Format > PDF. Do not use the "Print to PDF" option. 

How do I clean a custom dry-erase poster?
To clean a custom dry-erase poster, use a soft, dry, or slightly damp cloth to wipe away the markings. For stubborn or old marks, you can use isopropyl alcohol on a cloth to remove them. Do not use rough paper towels.

Can I reposition or remove a custom dry-erase poster?
Our dry-erase posters come in three configurations:
Rollable (like a poster).
Repositionable Vinyl allows you to adhere the graphic to any smooth wall surface and remove it without damaging the wall.
Mounted on a board that can be put on an easel or attached to a wall surface.

Are custom dry-erase posters suitable for outdoor use?
Yes, as long as the surface does not get wet. If it gets wet, wait until it is completely dry before you write on it or clean it.
Keep dry-erase markers away from the sun and hot areas.

How long does it take to receive a custom dry-erase poster?
Depending on the size of your order, the turnaround schedule is a day or two. We offer various shipping options ranging from the free FedEx Ground option to FedEx overnight delivery.