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How to add text to the poster template

If you are using one of our research poster templates for your presentation, you will notice the text placeholders already on the poster. There are two kinds of placeholders on the template. Section header placeholders and body text placeholders. They are titled with the most common titles in poster presentations:

The poster title
The poster title is followed by author names and by the names of associated institutions.
Introduction, Background, or Abstract
Use the section to summarize your topic and to trigger the interest or your audience.
Materials and Methods or Process
In this section you were going to describe your process and will lead to your results.
This will be the section where you will explain the results of your
Conclusions or Discussion
This is the section where you will explain why your results are conclusive and provide the reader with a short but solid justification of your hypothesis.
References or Literature Cited
In this section where you list the literature, you have cited regarding this project. List the names of authors, publications, and publishing dates.
Acknowledgments are sometimes replaced by Contact Information.
This section is optional, but if you have the space, you can use it to thank the people who helped you with your project or provide your contact information.

TIP: When you click inside a placeholder, its text disappears and is replaced with what you type. You can move, delete or add as many placeholders as you need for your presentation. The video below will demonstrate how to add text manually or by cutting and pasting from another document.

Understanding text sizes in PowerPoint:

PowerPoint has a size limit of 56 inches (142.24 cm). To make a poster that has to be printed larger than 56 inches, the working document has to be created at half the size of the final poster. For example, a 48x72 poster will be printed from a 24x36 PowerPoint document. That means that all the text on the original document is also at half the size of the final.
If your document is 56 inches or under, the file will be printed at 100% the original, which means that your fonts will print the same size as they are on the original document.