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How to confirm your research poster's size

To find that your poster is the wrong size after you have invested a lot of time designing it can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Here is how to confirm the size of your template BEFORE you start working on your presentation.


The PowerPoint 56" page size limitation and how to work around it

PowerPoint has a maximum page size limit of 56x56 inches. The only way to print a poster larger than 56 inches is to create a page half the size of the final poster. For example, if you need to print a 48x72 research poster, the page size should be 24x36 inches. The poster will be printed at 200% resulting in a 48x72 poster.

It is also important to note that anything you add to the poster will be printed at 200%. A 20pt font will result in a 40pt printed font, etc. Zoom into 200% magnification to check the quality of your images. If they look good at 200%, they will print well on the final poster.

Powerpoint for Windows

To confirm the template's dimensions in Windows:
1 - Click on the DESIGN tab.
2- Click on Slide Size on the upper right side of the window.
3- Click on Custom Slide Size to see the poster dimensions.

Powerpoint for Mac

To confirm the template's dimensions on the Mac:
1 - Go to the File menu.
2- Click on Page-Setup