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How big is the text going to be on the poster?

What size should I make my fonts?
When you create a poster, especially for the first time, you may be asking the questions:
- Is my font size too small to read?
- Is it too big? What size to make the title?
- What size to make the body text?

The quick answer is that it depends on how much content you want to add to your poster. There is no hard rule, but at the same time, you want your audience to be able to read what you wrote comfortably. On the other hand, you don't want your text to be so big, as if you did not have enough to write.

The easiest way to find out is to start creating your poster using the default font sizes we provide on our templates. Then, as you add your content to the template, you will be able to determine if the default font needs to be enlarged or reduced to accommodate your layout.

Do not waste time perfecting your layout as you work on your poster. Instead, do it at the end, after adding all your information. It will save you a great deal of time and frustration. It will also let you adjust the font sizes before tweaking everything to perfection.

PowerPoint's little-known limitation
PowerPoint has a page size limit of 56 inches (142.24 cm). So to create a poster larger than 56 inches, the poster document has to be built at half the size of the final printed poster. For example, a 48x72 poster will be printed from a 24x36 PowerPoint document doubled at printing time. That means that all the text on the original document is also at half the size of the final. So if you want a 24 point font on the poster, it should be set to 12 points.
If your document is 56 inches or less, the file will be printed at 100% the original, which means that your fonts will print the same size as they are on the original document.

These two charts will keep you from guessing.
These two 8.5x11 charts will help you preview how big or small your fonts will appear on your actual poster.
If your poster size can fit in a 48x56 inch space, download and print chart A on your desktop printer. Otherwise, download and print chart B.
Place the chart of your choice on the wall and look at it from approximately 3 to 4 feet away. The numbers on the chart represent font sizes in both Arial and Times fonts. Sizes of other fonts may vary slightly.

PowerPoint font size reference cards

Download and print these to 8.5x11" pages on your desktop printer
Font chart for posters under 56 inches
For posters UNDER 56 inches

CHART A: Use as reference with poster templates that when printed will not exceed 56 inches (142cm) in either width or height.

Font chart for posters over 56 inches
For posters OVER 56 inches

CHART B: Use as reference with poster templates that when printed will exceed 56 inches (142cm) in either width or height.