What is a foldable fabric research poster?

Good-bye, Bulky Poster Tubes. Hello, EasyTravel™ fabric posters...

A revolutionary approach to traveling with your poster presentation

Your fabric research poster fits in your carry-onWhen you're an expert in your field, travel is inevitable, especially if you have to present to potential and existing clients or lead workshops at conferences. You know the scene all-to-well: the dash to the airport, the scramble to get to the gate on-time and the struggle to transport luggage and large poster tubes to your destination.


In 2008, PosterPresentations.com began offering a tube-free, fabric poster solution to help traveling researchers and business professionals get their poster presentations safely from “Point A” to “Point B”. Research and feedback from our customers led us to be the first research poster presentation printing company to offer a crease-resistant, foldable fabric poster printing option.







Specifically formulated for high-resolution fabric printing
The EasyTravel™ research fabric poster is an original solution we developed to meet traveling researchers and business professionals’ needs. It’s a worry-free alternative to traditional poster carrying tubes. After testing a variety of fabrics, we selected this high-quality 100% polyester fabric poster that protects the integrity of your presentation. Our crease-resistant fabric poster is specifically formulated for high-resolution printing. It produces eye-catching, high-impact fabric poster presentations, with legible text and crisp images and graphics. You don't even have to worry about the ink "bleeding."

It’s easy to display at the conference
It’s easy to display your fabric poster in meetings and conferences. Simply pull out your EasyTravel research fabric poster and use Velcro, thumb tacks or presentation clips to hang your poster. If you notice light creasing in your foldable fabric poster, you can lightly press over the fabric with a low-heat iron. When you're done, your text and images will still be intact.


Simple ordering process
Placing an order for a foldable fabric poster is simple. Click the “
Order your poster” button, provide us with your contact and delivery information and upload your PowerPoint poster presentation. Upload a custom design, or use one of our poster presentation templates.

Select the "EasyTravel™" printing option and provide us with your desired poster size.


PosterPresentations.com offers same-day printing services, so you'll get your high-quality research fabric poster fast!




High resolution fabric specifically formulated for research posters

The ink will not “bleed” or make your type and photos look fuzzy as other fabrics will.


Great detail, superb color saturation, deep blacks and neutral grays make our fabric posters stand out from other commercially available fabrics. Velcro tabs and push pins are included for your convenience.

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