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GUIDELINES: Sizes, Turnaround, and File Formats 

When participating in the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), it's essential to adhere to the strict display regulations to ensure your project fits the fair's standards. Projects must be confined within a maximum size of 30 inches (76 cm) in depth, 48 inches (122 cm) in width, and 108 inches (274 cm) in height, including any poster supports or mechanisms. All materials, including table covers, must fit within these dimensions. The provided tables at the fair have a height limit of 36 inches (91 cm), and if used, must be included in the project's total size. Additionally, nothing can be attached to the rear curtain, and all demonstrations and components must fit within your allocated booth space. The space under the table, while available for project continuation, should not be used for storage, ensuring a well-organized and compliant display.

We offer a quick and reliable SAME-DAY poster printing service to ISEF presenters and competitors. If your order is ready to print before noon Pacific time on a business day (Monday through Friday), we'll prioritize your order for printing and shipping on the same day. That means you can expect your posters to be in your hands as soon as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality printing services with fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

To ensure the highest quality printing, we strongly recommend submitting print-quality PDF files. If you submit a print-ready PDF, we'll prioritize your order and place it at the front of our printing queue. However, if you request a proof of your file, this may cause delays in processing your order.

If you submit a PowerPoint document, we'll generate a PDF version of your file and send it to you for approval before proceeding with printing. Please note that we won't start processing your order until we receive your approval on the PDF.

NOTE: For best printing results, do not use "print to PDF". Instead, use "Save As PDF". 

ISEF Trifold Presentation Board Options

ISEF Trifold without a header

Standard 48x36 Trifold
Standard size 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall trifold poster boards are an essential tool for tabletop poster presentations, offering a substantial and visually appealing platform for displaying research findings, project summaries, or any educational content. These dimensions provide ample space for presenters to organize their material in a clear and structured manner, with the trifold design allowing for a self-standing display that can be easily viewed from a distance. The central panel, typically the focal point, is flanked by two side panels that can be used to present additional information or supporting graphics, making these poster boards ideal for school projects, science fairs, and academic conferences. The size and format of these boards encourage creativity and effective communication, enabling students to showcase their work in a professional and engaging way.

ISEF Trifold with an added header

Standard Trifold with an added header
Incorporating a 10-inch header panel that extends across the middle panel of the trifold poster board adds a significant advantage to the presentation's visual and organizational appeal. This header panel, connected to the back of the center panel, offers a distinct area for titles, names, or essential project identifiers, drawing immediate attention to the subject matter at eye level. This setup not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the display but also aids in the clear demarcation of the project theme or research question, making it easier for viewers to understand the focus of the presentation from a distance. The additional header space allows for a more organized layout, enabling ISEF presenters to separate the project title or key questions from the main body of content, thereby improving readability and impact. This strategic use of space is particularly beneficial in crowded exhibition settings, where capturing the audience's attention quickly is crucial.

Trifold header template

This is PowerPoint template for a 22" wide by 15" tall header for the center panel of the ISEF trifold poster board. Can be attached to the back (recommended) or the front of the main board with double sticky tape. 

ISEF Trifold header template

48x36 ISEF trifold and poster templates

You can freely download the scientific poster templates provided on this page for your ISEF presentation. You can modify the color scheme and layout of any template, but modifying the page sizes of the poster templates is not permitted. 

ISEF Research poster template - Version 1

PowerPoint poster template A

Landscape poster templates
36x48  or Trifold

ISEF Research poster template - Version 2

PowerPoint poster template B

Landscape poster templates
36x48  or  Trifold

ISEF Research poster template - Version 3

PowerPoint poster template C

Landscape poster templates
36x48 or Trifold

ISEF Research poster template - Version 4

PowerPoint poster template D

Landscape poster templates
36x48  or  Trifold

Additional poster templates and sizes can be found on our Free Poster Templates page.

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