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  Trifold poster boards

Trifold poster boards

$149 with Academic Discount

Professional science fair trifold poster boards

Showcase your research with a professional trifold poster board.

Trifold poster templates

Beaumont trifold template
Chamberlain trifold template
Forrest trifold template
Kensington trifold template
Marquee trifold template
Winchester trifold template
About our trifolds
Capture Attention and Make an Impact with's Professional Trifold Display Boards!

Are you looking to make a significant impact with your upcoming presentation?

Gone are the days of using outdated foam-core poster boards like you did in grammar school. Our Trifold poster board is specifically designed for professionals like yourself. We print on Sintra, a 3mm White expanded PVC material favored by commercial trade show displays. This ensures that your presentation exudes the level of professionalism you expect from a top-quality product. was the first online poster printing company to offer Trifold presentation boards of trade show quality. For just $149, including Free FedEx Ground shipping, we provide you with a superior Trifold poster that will be shipped to you in a sturdy reusable shipping box measuring 24" x 36" x 1". Our reusable shipping box allows for easy transportation of your Trifold display board or convenient early shipping to your desired location.

Ordering your presentation board is a straightforward process. You can choose from one of our 36x48 Trifold PowerPoint templates available on this page. These templates are specifically designed and sized to fit standard Trifold poster boards. Simply use the template to input your presentation text, images, and graphs. Once you're done, click the "Order your poster" button above. Provide your contact and delivery information and upload your PowerPoint poster presentation. We will then send you a digital proof via email. After you've reviewed and approved the proof, your Trifold will be shipped out the next day and arrive according to your specified timeline.

If you want to make a lasting impression at your next presentation, give's Trifold display board a try today. Our dedicated customer care experts are available to answer all of your questions. Feel free to reach out to them at 1-866-649-3004.

ISEF Trifold without a header

Standard 48x36 Trifold
Standard size 48 inches wide by 36 inches tall trifold poster boards are an essential tool for tabletop poster presentations, offering a substantial and visually appealing platform for displaying research findings, project summaries, or any educational content. These dimensions provide ample space for presenters to organize their material in a clear and structured manner, with the trifold design allowing for a self-standing display that can be easily viewed from a distance. The central panel, typically the focal point, is flanked by two side panels that can be used to present additional information or supporting graphics, making these poster boards ideal for school projects, science fairs, and academic conferences. The size and format of these boards encourage creativity and effective communication, enabling students to showcase their work in a professional and engaging way.

ISEF Trifold with an added header

Trifold Pro with added header
Incorporating a 10-inch header panel that extends across the middle panel of the trifold poster board adds a significant advantage to the presentation's visual and organizational appeal. This header panel, connected to the back of the center panel, offers a distinct area for titles, names, or essential project identifiers, drawing immediate attention to the subject matter at eye level. This setup not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the display but also aids in the clear demarcation of the project theme or research question, making it easier for viewers to understand the focus of the presentation from a distance. The additional header space allows for a more organized layout, enabling presenters to separate the project title or key questions from the main body of content, thereby improving readability and impact. This strategic use of space is particularly beneficial in crowded exhibition settings, where capturing the audience's attention quickly is crucial.

Trifold header template

This is PowerPoint template for a 22" wide by 15" tall header (22"x10" visible) for the center panel of the trifold poster board. Attaches to the back of the main board with velcro. 

Trifold with header template

Frequently asked questions and Trifold specifications

  • What size is a standard Trifold?

    Standard trifolds are three feet tall (36") by four feet wide (48").

  • How do I layout my trifold design? 

    Trifolds have three sections: the main panel and the two smaller panels on each side that help the trifold stand on the table. The main panel is 24" wide, and the side panels are 12" wide (12+24+12). You can find trifold poster templates on this page

  • How much do the trifolds cost?

    Our trifolds are currently $149. The price includes Ground shipping within the continental US.

  • How long does shipping take?

    If you choose the free shipping option (FedEx Ground), it will take up to 6 business days if you are located on the East Coast. Because we are based in California, any other location will take less time.

  • What is your turnaround schedule?

    Place your order by noon (Pacific), and it will ship out the same business day (Monday-Friday).

  • What happens if my layout is not for a trifold?

    If your existing file is three feet by four feet, but your layout is not compatible with a trifold design, you can order your poster as a rolled paper poster which you can attach to a board you purchase locally. You can attach the rolled poster to your board with small binder clips.

  • Will the colors of the trifold fade over time?

    No, all our products are professional-grade and will not fade for many years.

Professional-looking Trifold poster presentation